03; moe moe.
Let me know how I'm doing.

If I owe you a tag and it seems like I've completely forgot about it, you can let me know here, too. ♥

baby, if you're not alone, take me off speakerphone.
02; wwwwaaaaaiii~
[Riiiing, riiiing...

You have reached the voice mailbox of ...Marie... Please leave a message after the tone.



Or you could send him a text. Put a date and time in your subject line and give Marie a call or shoot him a text. He doesn't pick up his phone all too often, but he is a speedy texter!]
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one ; text
07; sad sad squirtle.
I guess I have to make an introduction. My name's Marie, and I'm Red's Squirtle. Right. The Red who just left as soon as I got here. That one.


(no subject)
11; mildly interested.
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eight ; text
[Private to Kojiro, Sonny, Red, and Sasha (for whenever she gets back?). NOT VINNIE. Totally hackable.]
I'm kind of dating a girl. Spinarak. Spinny, or whatever... It's been a couple of weeks... or months.

Don't be mad.

I heard some people talking about how the school year's almost over. I don't think I've been here the full year, but I think I'll still get to graduate. My grades are okay...

I never know what to write here... I went to the cherry blossom festival. And I got a haircut. That's not really that exciting.

seven ; email/text
to: Red ( )
from: Marie ( )
date: Friday, March 19 2010 at 9:28 PM
subject: no subjectCollapse )

["Private" but very hackable to Spinny.]
Hey... Do you want to try going on another date or whatever? It's okay if you don't, I just... thought it would be kind of fun.
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six ; text.
I don't feel so good. Like I've been asleep for a month. I don't remember anything that happened last week, but I guess a lot of people are saying that or something like that... It's still freaky.

Red, Vinnie, Sasha... Do you guys remember anything? Are you okay? Kojiro, Sonny Moe, Euphie, you too.

...Urgh. Whatever. I think I'm gonna go live in my shell for a year now.

[valentines cards]
[Little Marie spent his morning delivering Twilight-themed Valentines to his team members. However, he was arrow'd before Spinny's card made it to her. If she somehow finds it in the hall, on the front there are the words 'Bee Mine' under a cartoonish-looking Combee. Inside, he wrote;

Happy Valentines Day

So romantic and thoughtful.]

five ; text
Did anyone else see Justin Biever's new movie today?

four ; text [hiatus? what hiatus...?]
[This is a very pathetic attempt at a PRIVATE to Spinny. Hack away.]

I'd send you a text message or an email or whatever but I don't have your phone number or anything like that. So I hope you can see this...

I was wondering if you ...

liked the book I got you for Christmas?

Also do you want to go on a out to lunch


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